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Procreator s of cattery  Lakki Cats


British Shorthair
DOB 06.03.2007
Title: Champion

Personal Photos

It was born in the kennel Lakki Cats. Her Mom is Lucky Unexpected Joy, her dad is International Champion Breed Landstricher from nursery Amanda's Cub. From her birth she was the most beautiful, after the most gentle and now - loved. Kitty is very inquisitive and clever. It has solid hair and strong harmonious body. And her fervent murmur is never mixed with any other. Lily quickly grew and turned into a beautiful British cat. The winner in exhibitions for several times. Best in color. The judges assessed her as a cat with great potential for show and for breeding. Identified a good profile, large head, perfect ears. Lily conquered judges with massive-muscled body and strong legs. Excellent proportions. The fur is well dyed different textures. Show-temperament! We closed the title Champion of the breed. INT - opened.

CH.Innocent KARINA

Import from Ukraine!

British Shorthair
Color: cinnamon & white (bicolor)
DOB 17.03.10
Title: Champion

Personal Photos

On the site of one kennel my husband saw bicolor babe with an unusual and ideal picture on the face and fur color (cinnamon and white). It touched a heart. No one color can match with brightness and individuality inherent of bicolors. Their coat is an art! Knowing my desire to have a daughter Karina and the insane desire to buy an unusual cat ... He decided to make a gift for me. And after I looked into the trusting eyes of beautiful plush doll and realized it was first sight love... Her beauty is a hard work of hundreds of breeders .. Thank you for this plush miracle! Champion of Breed. The judges appreciated our wide snout, an excellent profile. A large round head, full cheeks, strong chin. Eyes are round, perfect set, copper. Ears are good set, broad at the base, excellent shape. The body of perfect size with good bone, proportional, cobby type, powerful muscles. A compact, stocky build. Coat is short, excellent texture, even tone. Excellent value of colors. "A nice, strong, smart kitty! Excellent pedigree cat show-temperament. Nomination BIS!!!



British Shorthair
Color: Lilac Point (cinnamon carrier)
DOB 08.08.2010.
Title: Champion

Personal Photos

JOLLY is the daughter of Vasyona... (Vasilisa)
Our common favorite! She was born in our kennel a largest in the litter with round head and plush short hair. Everybody boded this kitten will stay in our kennel and I promised to hold no one kitty… But the Destiny decided otherwise! Very nice, tender and pet girl with friendly character. Jolly inherited the best external and internal qualities of her mommy. Her habits are very similar with Vasyona ones, of course we really love that. She is always in a good mood, we hope that she will give to her children the gorgeous nature and beauty as well as her caring and beautiful mother Vasilisa the Beautiful did.


April 23-24, 2011. International Cat Show, WCF.
Judge Murashova: EX-1, Nom.BIS
Judge Mikhailov: EX-1.
10th place in the ring of young WCF out of 17 animals submitted.
November 5-6, 2011. WCF
Expert: Andreas Kretschmer-Kraiczek, Germany (AB, WCF) - EX-1, CAC
Expert: Alla Maksimenko, Russia (AB, WCF) EX-1, CAC




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