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Hello! Welcome to our official site of cattery "Lakki cats"!

Welcome to our official site of Cattery "Lakki cats". We breed British Shorthair cats of traditional colors as bi-color (with white) and fawn and cinnamon. The story began many years ago absolutely typically as for all cat owners. We just had a wish to have a cat in our house. And nobody could assume that "just love" was going to become a serious hobby. Exhibitions and first feline kids. But regardless of the exhibition achievements all of our kitties has won small victories: they conquered the hearts of their owners with mild character, impeccable manners and royal plush fur. New families contact us, write, call, send pictures and share with their successes! Thanks for all who has chosen "Lakki cats"! This is the beginning of a long history, which will last for many years.

Did you take a little creature in your house?
It's not pretty fluffy toy, but a cat baby which needs a lot of attention, care and love, actually as all kids. Having a cat baby you take responsibility for his life. It will be the result of your bringing it up! You have to LOVE your kitty, cherish it, comb and caress its coat! It is necessary to feed it delicious and play with it! In this case it will reciprocate your feelings and bring a lot of happy minutes to you! And you will understand, HOW BEAUTIFUL to have a cat! I would like to make every heart to have kindness and mercy. To feel everyone who has got a pet he is responsible for the one who is tamed.

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