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Kittens for sale

The beautiful British cats is a luxury!
Do not deny to yourself and your folks to have such a pleasure in your house!



Are accustomed to kisses, tenderness and the human hands from birth
- to the toilet with a filler from 3 weeks
- for self-eating, games and toys, to scratching special places from 1month
- A positive attitude towards people and children
- They are happy, playful and healthy
- Murmur loudly and love to sleep in a bed with owners
- Allow to caress and keep in hands
- Have a shiny coat and a thick heavy boned
- Free of fleas and worms
Kitties live in our house with joy, they have indoor and outdoor
toilets, lots of toys, places for scratching, and various accessories.
They love to lie on the window sill and look through the window.
Nursing cats adore all children, that`s why no one go without milk.
Kittens leave the kennel bold, funny, loving people. Fully adapted.
We give cats into their new homes vaccinated with Nobivac Triket (The
Netherlands) with ready vet passports, chipping to other cities and
countries, with a ready pedigree, a folder full of recommendations and
accustomed to toilet, scratching posts, feeds, games and affection.

Kitty communication with people in age since 2 to 8 weeks determines
how good it will be in contact with them in a rest of his life. If
your cat had a positive experience in a young age, it will grow
friendly and sociable.
Kitten genes inherited from its father determines how friendly the
animal is. Genes inherited from its mother are also important, but do
not play such a significant role.

A friendly mom-cat bring up sociable kittens, because it shows them
that there is nothing to fear about.

Price of our kittens includes:
1. Great pedigree.
2. Great breed quality and exterior details!
3. Good habits: kitten accustomed to the toilet, scratching posts and stern!
4. Great character: Kitten are playful, stress-resistant, cheerful,
positive attitude towards people!
5. Full vaccination.
6. Recommendations and assistance.
7. A folder with datas, what and where to buy, own doctor phone
number, photos and recommendations of a filler!

All our kittens are accustomed to hands from the very birthday.
We do this in order to raise friendly, gentle, open minded and playful
kittens, loving people.

Better to buy the worst kitten in a good kennel than the good one in bad kennel.That can be explained:
Not a very good kitty contained in a prestigious nursery of
experienced breeder, pets of which always win prizes at exhibitions,
which has a good reputation and demand to kittens, is an exception
rather than the rule.
This cat may don`t have a great exterior, but good genes, which have a
positive effect for offspring..

Cattery owner - felinologist Alla Seleznyova

 tel: +7 (916) 098-00-60




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