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Our plans

Do you want a happiness? - warm, furry, live, responsive, cosy, sunny
- for all and long time - buy a kitten.

Every our kitten is grown up with love - it is a part of our soul, we
help to our kitties to come to light, educate them, feed, play with
them all, without any exception, love, so we do care about what hands
our cat children will get in!




We choose for our kittens ONLY loving and responsible owners, that`s
why the pre-recording of kittens is encouraged. Application for a
kitten is not an obligation to buy.

If you like the producers of planned mating, you can buy a kitten from
an expected litter (of a particular sex and color) and when the child
will be born you will be notified. We will invite you to look and
choose a kitten in order of entry.

You can book a kitten with an agreement with our cattery and leave a
deposit. Since that time it would be offered to no one else.
If you decide to purchase a kitten in our cattery and wait for the
birth of your kitten, you will have an opportunity to give a name to
kitten and it will be grown up especially for you. (The price depends
on kitten`s exterior, its potential for breeding and determined
individually). When the the kitten gets older the rest of the amount
wich was previously set in contract pays and kitten moves to its

We are happy if you are interested in our animals and you would like
to buy an unique and charming friend. All kittens are grown up with
love and surrounded with our careness. And we hope that our fluffy
clumps occupy a worthy place in your heart and be happy and warm with
its warmth for many years!

Letting "plush miracle" come in your house you will surely fill it
with joy, warmth and comfort. Because these devotees, harmonious,
sincere and very gentle creatures can`t not to win your heart. Maybe
we can help you find a piece of your dreams!

But! Before buying a baby always ... think!

Do not do it spontaneously and I repeat the great words:

"We are responsible for those whom have tamed."


We are perfectly aware that we are responsible not only for our cats,
but for the fate of kittens born from them as well, so we do not sell
kittens to anyone who would put money on the table!

We want the best for our kittens and choose potential owners very
carefully. We entrust our kids to those people only who is ready to
accept the baby as a member of family - and not in another case.

Breeder reserves the right to refuse to sell an animal on any stage of
the dialogue, if he considers that this particular animal and this
particular potential owner are not compatible!

Take your time and think over your purchase carefully!


Kitten is not a soft toy, it's alive, it understands, feels, loves, fears.

It will not sit where you like its to.

It will run and climb everywhere.

It will be meowing lamentably when you left it.

It will wake you up in the morning and will not let you sleep at night.

It will scratch the door when you close it somewhere.

It will encroach on your curtains and flower pots.

It will ask to eat and drink.

It will climb to your bed to cuddle up to a warm body like to mother
and brothers one.

It will hunt for your feet under the blanket.

It can climb on the table and steal something from there.

It can gnaw through small charger wires.

It will ask you to play with it.

It will be necessary to clean its toilet.

There is a lot of things that it can mess.

To forgive him for all that you just have to LOVE it!

Did you decide to buy?


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